I became a client of Rita's when the amount of stress I had started placing strain on my heart.  The energy sessions that she offered brought me total relaxation.  The amount of stress I lived with was decreased immensely when she offered grounding techniques for me to apply to my everyday life.  After a few sessions it became easier for me to stay in that relaxed state for longer periods of time, enabling me to overcome the need for heart medication.  I began to experience a new vibrancy in my life.

KA-Windsor Locks

Rita is a very capable and caring professional who is always looking to learn more about her profession.  Her affinity for people as well as a positive and gentle personality provides her clients with a valuable therapist. She is gifted with a sensitive insight and empathy.  Personally, after experiencing a Reiki session with Rita, I always felt relaxed and energized.


My experience of Energy Therapy with Rita came while I underwent chemotherapy. The sessions brought me calm amongst my fears and nervousness.  The days following treatment I experienced less nausea and fatigue. I left many sessions with an over all feeling that everything would be okay.


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