About Rita Caldon

After years of living with chronic physical pain, Rita stepped into the holistic health circle and began her quest for knowledge and the benefits of Energy Medicine. She had seen numerous doctors and had just as many tests and even had the same surgeries, twice. The result, however, never changed: no medical explanation, reason, or cure for the pain. As Rita’s own healing journey evolved so did her fascination with the ability to sense and work with the human energy field. With her health restored, Rita is passionate about offering the gift of multi-level healing possibilities to you.

“My individual journey to health taught me that illness was my body’s way of telling me I am not listening to my whole self. I was unaware that illness held messages, and thought everything would be fine if I just did not have pain. It took looking at the pain from an emotional and spiritual level to heal. Each energy session I experienced brought me through subtle changes on all levels. Out of the clearing of each layer I emerged a more vibrant and fully alive individual.

“Now, I am now able to look at how I live my life and how it impacts my physical body. Though my journey began as a quest for physical health, I have gained new direction, greater vibrancy, a deeper strength, and an open heart. This has enriched my experience for working with others on the emotional and spiritual levels as well as physical.”

The Energy Healing modalities Rita offers work in conjunction with all medical, science-based or therapeutic techniques. Rita’s gentle yet informative demeanor is an asset in supporting and guiding you in your journey to aliveness.  Energy healing sessions are always tailored to the individual needs.

Rita dedicates herself to bringing the principles of healing to all who choose it. With her advanced training, certifications and life experience, Rita supports you on a physical, spiritual, and emotional level assisting you in a full body healing process. Working with Rita Caldon is like having a personal guide who empowers you to reclaim your vibrancy and self-awareness, leading to better physical health and wellbeing.

Rita enjoys volunteering as a swim coach with Special Olympics. She trains for open water swims and triathlons.


Training & Courses of Study

My training has brought me into hospitals and many types of wellness and medical settings where I worked/ trained with a wide variety of medical conditions and ailments, including cardiac care, Alzheimer’s, stress related dis-ease, chronic pain, cancer, hormone imbalances, liver detox and many others.

Many of the training programs I completed are offered worldwide.

  • The Institute of Healing Arts & Sciences, Bloomfield, CT (2007-2009)
    Energy Medicine Practitioner Diploma
  • Reiki training (2007-2009)
    Usui Reiki Master/Teacher Certificate
  • Energy Therapy Practitioner at Hartford area hospitals (2007-present)
  • Hartford Family Institute, West Hartford, CT (2009-present)
    Emotional Body Centered Energy Therapy Practitioner Certificate - Level I
  • Quantum Touch Workshop (2008)
  • Silva Method Basic and Intuitive Course (2007)

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